Examining the causes and consequences of microbial composition at the population and community scales

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Our lab believes that excellence requires a diversity of viewpoints and lived experiences. We aspire to achieve an inclusive and equitable workplace, community, and world. Whomever you are, there is space for you here.

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Welcome to the Lab Fabi!

Fabiola has joined the lab and is working with Syrena, Bryson, Reese and Giulia on a project examining Chytrid pathogenicity on phytoplankton under climate change. Welcome aboard!

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Lots of fun(gal) updates!

So, it’s been a minute since we’ve updated the website… here’s what you missed. Big e komo mai to Quinn Moon, Giulia Marenco Di Moriondo, and Reese Tsubota who have stepped in to help with culturing and with our phytoplankton pathogen studies.  Glad you’re here! Ronja received funding to present at SACNAS in Puerto Rico later this month, depending on the recovery situation there. Syrena

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This last year was quite a blur…Here’s what happened: Departures: Post-doc Fouad El Baidouri left us for a researcher position with the Neafsy Lab at Harvard/Broad. Gone, but not forgotten!  Dr. Andre Boraks successfully defended his PhD and is off to work with the International Conservation Fund of Canada.  A hui hou! Joani Villiunas is heading downhill to work on glowing squid in the McFall-Ngai lab. Sean Swift has

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