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Hawaii is a tremendous place to study ecology and evolution.  The lab is located about two miles from rainforest habitat, and another two miles from the ocean.  We are happy studying in both of these environments, where there are no shortage of unanswered questions and undiscovered species.  We are eager to recruit both undergraduate and graduate students for research. 


Graduate Students

We’re interested in graduate students with a variety of backgrounds and interests, from community ecology to molecular microbiology to fungal evolution. Graduate students in the lab lead their own research projects, but are encouraged (though not required) to initially choose a system in which the lab has some experience. Students are usually supported by a mix of fellowships, grants, and teaching assistantships.There are a wide variety of internal and external funding opportunities for graduate students at UH.  If you’re interested in joining the lab, take a look at our projects and publications and contact Anthony directly at It would be helpful if you could include your (unofficial) transcripts, academic CV, and whether you’re interested in pursuing a MS or PhD. As you might imagine, our program is extremely competitive. Because we value independent thinking and creativity, a well thought-out and articulated research question or project that you’d be interested in investigating will set you apart from the rest and will help get the conversation started. You will need to apply through the Botany Department, or the Marine Biology Program.


Undergraduate Students

There are opportunities for Undergraduate students to work in the lab for 399/499 credit, or for hourly pay. If you are interested, please read about our lab on this website and complete the application.  You may send completed applications to  Thanks for your interest!