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Examining the causes and consequences of microbial composition at the population and community scales

Lab News

Welcome Jack! 

Oct 1, 2018

Jack Darcy has joined the lab after completing his PhD with Steve Schmidt at CU Boulder.  He's wasted no time and already has two travel grants under his belt to attend meetings in Kyoto and IMC/MSA in Puerto Rico.   

Seagrass Fungi paper published in Journal of Biogeography

Feb 20, 2018

Former postdoc Ben Wainwright led the charge on this tour de force examination of how Wallace's line limits dispersal of marine fungi in Malaysia.

Goodbye Ben, Hello Kama and Lauren

Aug 17, 2017

Fairwell to Ben Wainwright who published this study on mesophotic reef associated fungi before accepting a fellowship at the National University of Singapore.

Hau'oli mau loa fellowship recipient Kama Chock has begun his work on Ohia rust, and undergrad Lauren Calkin is ptiching in with Vanuatu sample processing and the Plumeria time series work.